• Success Stories

    • Linda F: A Miraculous Recovery
      Dec 22, 2016
      Linda was very active and stayed busy around the house, raising chickens, gardening, taking her dogs for walks around the lake, carving wooden walking sticks and playing... Read More
    • Alexander: A Superlative Recovery
      Aug 19, 2014
      Alexander is an Army Special Forces veteran, father, grandfather and poet. He had become quadriplegic in recent years and had a long and difficult course of treatment before... Read More
    • Angelica: Motivated to Recover
      Aug 19, 2014
      Angelica, 27, lived at home with her parents and two sisters and worked as a secretary. At the end of 2009, she underwent gastric surgery at a short-term acute care hospital... Read More
    • Anita: Facing a New Life, With Help from Friends
      Aug 19, 2014
      Anita loved home design and decorating, including sewing, gardening, cooking and baking. She woke up one morning and noticed that two of her toes were discolored. She called... Read More
    • Bobby: Determined to Recover
      Aug 19, 2014
      Bobby, a retired sheriff, was living independently with his wife enjoying a retirement filled with golf, oil painting, boating and bike riding when his dentist noticed a spot... Read More
    • Cody: Never Give Up
      Aug 19, 2014
      Cody is a young man who enjoys playing guitar and singing with plans to return to school. He was visiting a cousin’s home when he was found unresponsive and taken by... Read More
    • Keith: Beating the Odds
      Aug 19, 2014
      Keith is a paramedic who was working at the Long Beach Grand Prix. He hopped onto a golf cart and lost his footing as the cart took off. He fell backwards, hitting his head,... Read More
    • Minakshi: A Mother's Incredible Recovery
      Aug 19, 2014
      Minakshi came to Kindred Hospital San Gabriel Valley for continued care following an accident. She was crossing the street with her children when she was hit by an SUV as she... Read More
    • Scott: Back Behind the Wheel
      Aug 19, 2014
      Scott works for a legal newspaper as a proofreader. One day he felt dizzy and was taken to the hospital, where he was found to have a large hernia and mass within his... Read More
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